AlchemIcal Breathwork


The Alchemical Breathwork is an extremely simple and powerful practice which allows a deep exploration of oneself and a quick release of cellular memories.

Practiced in group or individually, the Alchemical Breathwork is the combination of two practices: Metatherapy and Breathwork by Alchemy of Breath.

Metatherapy makes us discover in full awareness the links between our bodily feelings, our physical pains, our emotional sufferings and our mental beliefs. In the awareness that emerges, we understand the origin of what makes us suffer and can correct and transform it.

The Alchemical Breathwork in its pure Breath form is an energy intensifier… a particle accelerator! It brings a lot of energy into the body and increases our vibrational level. It intensifies the sensations in the body and allows us to better feel what is going on inside of us. Our whole inner life emerges and opens up… which will allow us to better understand what is going on inside us, to cleanse our bodies, to transmute our emotions and to clarify our thoughts … in order to regain our true energy and develop our potential…

We can offer group or individual sessions in english, you’ll find more information just below.

Most welcome, this practice is simple and accessible to all.