AlchemIcal Breathwork


Alchemical Breathwork is an extremely simple and powerful practice which allows a deep exploration of oneself and a quick release of cellular memories.

Practiced in groups or individually, the Alchemical Breathwork is the combination of two practices: Metatherapy and Breathwork by « Alchemy of Breath ».

Metatherapy helps us to discover in full awareness the links between our physical sensations, our emotional suffering and our cognitive beliefs. In the awareness that emerges, we understand the origin of what cause us suffer and can correct and transform it.

Alchemical Breathwork, focusing primarily on the essential process of breathing is an energy intensifier, a particle accelerator! It brings greater energy into the body and increases our vibrational level. It intensifies the sensations in the body and allows us to better feel what is going on inside of us. Our whole inner life emerges and opens up… which allows us to better understand what’s going on inside us, to cleanse our bodies, to transmute our emotions and to clarify our thoughts … in order to regain our true energy and develop our potential…

Most welcome, this practice is so natural and accessible to all. 

We can offer group or individual sessions in english, you’ll find more information just below.


To liberate ourselves from our blocages, untangle the knots and remove the veils and mask, need Presence and Love. Pains that we feel and difficulties that we encounter are signpost on our path that lead us to the gateway to our geniune self.


« Know thyself » is without question one of the most elemental principle of human life. Meeting one own self, knowing ourself and thrive in that, is for me the only work that we realy have to do here on earth. Learn to observe ourself and discover the mistery of life inside ourself and in the world.


Au-delà du fait de transformer la souffrance en bien-être, c’est l’éveil intérieur au champs de conscience que l’on est qui donne du sens à toute la pratique. A travers la dualité ombre / lumière, douleur / plaisir, individuel / impersonnel, nous cheminons vers l’unité qui sous-tend et engendre toute vie…


• CONSCIOUSNESS – When we feel what’s happening inside ourselves, we become conscious of the psychological structures : the emotions and the thought patterns which are at the root of what we feel. Everything we feel in our body is rooted in our psyche. We can read our life here, like in an open book, which teaches us about our own spirit.

• ENERGY – When we intensify our energy, we increase the level of information that we receive about ourselves and the world. We open our inner life while allowing it to expand. This increased flow shows us where the energy is blocked and where it’s fluid, and we learn to liberate this flow of vital energies inside ourselves.

• PHYSICAL – Physical sensations are one of the doors to our inner worlds. Everything is inscribed in the sensation of the body, up to the highest spiritual experiences. As we base the process on listening to the physical sensations, we work in the concrete matter of cellular memories.

And at the heart is Grace… when everything is aligned, linked to what is greater than us, the doors of Grace can open…

Introduction to Alchemical Breathwork & Metatherapy

A path of awakening, self knowledge and healing structured in three pillars :

• Consciousness
• Energy
• Physical sensations

Beyond any dogma, philosophy or religion, these practices lead us to a direct experience of our inner self, of our essence and of what masks it! By releasing what blocks our energies, we naturally find our deeper qualities of peace, joy, freedom, love …


Beyond the path of healing and self knowledge, we are invited to a path of awakening. Healing and spiritual growth are going together, they are two sides of the same thing. The three forms of Integral Yoga are directly related with the three pillars of the work…

• WISDOM YOGA – Knowledge of the Being is one of the fundamental keys to rediscovering a true understanding of ourself and the world. Everything is linked, everything is one. God, the Being, is inside us and we are in God, in the Being. Separation is an illusion, the game of life. To meditate on the statement of existence brings us back to a true relationship with the Absolute.

• DEVOTION YOGA – The love of all that is, from essence to creation, weaves threads of light which reconnect us to life. The love of the Being creates a bridge which unites us with our source, through which goodness, joy, peace and love can flow.

• ACTION YOGA – While offering the fruits of our actions to the All, we liberate ourselves from karma. Giving our actions, giving ourselves through action is a path of self-giving, of dedication, which frees us from the illusion of being an individual separated from the rest of the world.

Of course, it’s a long path… we are all here to learn ! It’s a flow of inspiration which gives vision and depth to the work. Our healing contrbute to the awakening of all and our awakening contribute to the healing of all…